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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  February 2, 2013 8:00am-10:00am EST

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rd consecutive year the new york jets will be watching the game from home. welcome to "cbs this morning." we are in super bowl park at jackson square here in new orleans. the big game is less than 36 hours way. the road to super bowl xlvii took many twists and turns not only for the 49ers and the ravens but the nfl and its fans. >> we saw a series of controversies this season bountygait, replacement refs, and a new focus on head injuries. jeff fwlor is just down the road at super dome with how the road leads here. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a marked difference in security this morning. on previous days getting in to
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the super dome we did have to go through a metal detector but it was once we were already inside. today there's a perimeter security set up and roadblocks this after a very busy day yesterday. ♪ >> reporter: as fans continued streaming into the city for pleasure, nfl commissioner roger goodell friday talked business. >> i'll do anything that's going to help us make the game safer and better. >> reporter: in his annual state of the league address, goodell said he and the players' union are now on their way with testing for human growth hormones. >> reporter: league punishments kept sean payton off the field all season. >> there's no question that there was a bounty program in place for three years. i think my biggest regret is that we aren't all recognizing that this is a collective responsibility to get them out of the game and to make thee
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safer. >> reporter: we also heard friday from jim and john harbaugh, the two coaching brothers scheduled to face off on sunday. >> for the side that comes up short, it's going to be a bitter disappointment. that's the way it works. that's how football works, that's how life is and we understand that. >> go niners. >> niners. >> reporter: 150,000 fans are here this weekend. the biggest tourist season this city has ever seen. the super bowl surrounded by mardi gras. >> this is great city. needness toless needness to say what happened with katrina they came back. this is awesome. >> reporter: quint davis is the supervisor of super bowl boulevard. now they're really here. >> yes. now they're pouring in. >> reporter: for new orleans. >> we survived katrina. we survived the oil spill. you can't calculate the value of me being here talking to you about new orleans, that new orleans -- wherever the super bowl goes, it's the center of
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the world for four days 24 hours day. that's invaluable. that means so much to us to let people know new orleans is what they thought it was before the best city in america. >> reporter: so one day away, players will be on this field. fans will be in the stands. right now, ticket prices on the resale market, guys going
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go on for some time. we're getting our first look at the kidnapper. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. police are not talking about the nature of their communications with the suspect jimmy lee dykes or saying whether he has made any demands, but some neighbors believe the attention he is now getting is exactly what he was looking for. this is jimmy lee dykes, the 65-year-old man who has been holding a 5-year-old hostage since tuesday afternoon. the photography released friday by the dale county sheriff's department. the standoff has entered its fifth day. the bufrpger where dykes is keeping ethan is even smaller than previously reported. a steep ladder leads into the space which is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long with 8-foot-high ceilings. >> if i ever saw somebody come up missing, i'd know where to start looking. >> reporter: at first neighbors
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thought dykes was constructing a storm shelter but michael grew alarmed when dykes asked him a strange question. do you think you can hear someone scream from inside. >> it's a little bit of a red flag in my mind. >> reporter: creel's nephew stepped off the bus moments before he killed the bus driver and kidnapped ethan. that day he had dropped off home made jam for paving his driveway just hours before he killed him. hostage negotiators continue to speak with dykes through a pvc pipe in the hopes of persuading him to let ethan go. and while those who know dykes don't believe he will harm the child, they say he may be keeping him to make a point. >> he wants to make worldwide news one day so he can get his point across. >> reporter: he said he wanted
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to make a point. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: according to neighbors, dykes has at least three handguns a shotgun, and a rifle. people who live along the dirt road where this is happening have not been allowed back into their homes for their safety. charlie and norah? >> manuel bojorquez, thank you. c cbs correspondent and former director john miller. the question is always what are the options? >> well the options here aren't many. one is to keep talking. the other tactical options which is making a rescue attempt and entry are all bad options. so negotiation is the one that has the best outcome. >> what are the tricks to talking? >> the first trick to talking is to keep talking. you have a hostage taker here who went on that bus. if his mission was to kill children, he would have done that there. if his mission was to separate one child and kill him, he would have done that in the bunker. so clearly he has something he
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wants to talk about. if you're the negotiator, he's says this man has a story to tell. my job is to get that story, draw it out, and see what we can do to resolve this. >> one of the concerns has to be the 5-year-old. how does that factor into the thing? >> that becomes a multi-pronged element in that that 5-year-old is in a very small space with him. they've been there for four days now. you've got two human beings in a hole together. there's going to be some bonding there. the longer that hold goes on, the better the bonding. so that's going to be a good thing. he's been asked for medication. that's the child's regular medication, but that's a positive. >> so he's taking care of the child to some degree. >> right. it's famously known as stockholm syndrome. the longer they're there, the fact that he's asked for the medication and they're giving it
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to him that's a positive sign. >> from what you know what's the profile and where does it fit in the profiles of these kinds of incidents? >> this is not an individual who is out robbing a bank or a liquor store and got caught by the police outside and now finds himself in a position. he has created this position. again, it gets back to that theme. he has some issue. he's a survivalist, an anti-government guy. that's where the negotiator takes that into context and says, okay you're a is survivalist. by the way that little boy needs to survive this too. there's a lot of people around the area who may agra with you. you call him jimmy and you try to bring everybody on a human level, but they're not going to agree with you anymore if anything happens with that child and you use that conversation to try to get into his head slow things down. the other thing you can't do is you can't lie to him. you can't make promises you can't deliver on.
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the fact that it's going on this long, even though it's bad in many ways it's good in a negotiator's standpoint. in egypt violators got close to the embassy. one demonstrator was shot to death. there were half a dozen other major protests in egypt last night. the protesters are angry over the islamic president mohamed morsi. mohammed was not at the palace during the violence. former senator john kerry was sworn in as secretary of state. that means for the first time in more than three decades hillary clinton is waking up as a private citizen. "newsweek" has dubbed her as the most powerful woman in american history. margaret brennan takes a look at her legacy. >> one more time the 52nd secretary of state of the united states of america hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: hillary clinton gave a heartfelt good-bye to
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thousands of employees. >> i leave this department confident, confident about the direction we have set. >> reporter: she's not a typical secretary of state saying good-bye. >> the first trip i took with her, it was like traveling with madonna. >> reporter: at times clinton's celebrity has overshadowed her diplomacy. >> she's elevated the role of development, elevated the role of social media and all sorts of new ways to reach people ways of engaging youth, women, entrepreneurs. >> reporter: those tools are what clinton calls smart power rngs finding ways to connect with people so they influence their government. she says her extensive travel to 112 countries helped build good will others dismiss it as a vanity project. critics also say she did not craft a clear policy to stop the war in syria and point to security failures at the u.s. consulate in benghazi.
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her long-time aide disagrees. >> for the last four years she has been working, literally killing herself for her country. >> reporter: he says her outreach made it possible to levy sanctions on iran north korea and broker a cease-fire in ghana. so what do people still not know about hillary clinton? >> i think how normal she is. >> reporter: what do you mean normal? >> she likes and dislikes a lot of the same things you and i don't like or do like. > reporter: discussing the future of hillary clinton? >> yes. she does not sit around and do that as much as other people do. she sits around saying i saw "argo." that's a great movie. did you see it? >> i'm not thinking about anything like that right now. i am looking forward to finishing up my tenure as secretary of state and then catching up on about 20 years of
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sleep deprivation. >> reporter: but few believe that she'll stop working. and if you want to know what she'll do next aides say look at what she's done. for "cbs this morning," margaret brennan, washington. >> another democrat who's part of the speculation for 2016 is maryland governor martin o'malley. last week he proposed some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. in addition to banning assault weapons he wanted to restrict visitor access to schools and he's also a big ravens fan, so he's here with us in new orleans. governor, great to see you. >> great to see you. excited here. >> i see you have on your ravens purple. what will this mean for the state of baltimore if they win? >> it's phenomenal. i remember when they went to the super bowl. the electricity in the air, the bounce in their step. it was really the experience of baltimore is back, you know we're moving forward.
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i'm looking forward to that this time. i have to imagine that it does a lot more consumer confidence and optimism about the future, and these guys are great team. they never give up. it's great baltimore story. >> has in any way the distractions and questions about ray lewis and antler issue distracted him? >> i don't know. i don't think so. i don't think the people in baltimore are distracted by it. i haven't seen him since he's been down here practicing obviously. but of all of the ravens there's no player who spends more time doing charitable work in the city and actually spending time with kids in the city and some very humble neighborhoods. he's well loved in baltimore and it's for a reason. it's because he's such a good and decent person. >> do you have some sense it's a team of december cityny? >> i do. i believe they want to win more
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for the team than themselves. you could feet the electricity. they're very cohesive very tight, and they're on a mission. >> i want to switch now to policy because in your state of the state address just this week you called for banning assault weapons. you also called for tougher gun control. where do you think the nation is in terms of that because it appear that congress is there yet. >> i think the tragedies that we've seen in the last several months, colorado wisconsin, massacre of innocent children in newtown, connecticut, i think we're moving and i think we're moving in a more positive direction. i think if any of the polling is to be believed i think democrats and republicans alike, certainly in our state anyway support the notion that you should have to get a license in order to buy a handgun. they support the notion that the assault-style weapons belong in the hands of soldiers not on
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the streets of baltimore or other places. so i hope we can rescue something positive from this horrible tragedy, and i think we will. some states will get there before congress does but i believe it's very passionate about this. i think the public demands it. >> one question on presidential politic. until the secretary of state, former secretary of state makes up her mind does it put everything else in limbo? >> oh i don't know. i think that the presidential election is a long way off. i, for one, have plenty to do in what i'm doing in the state of baltimore. i think it's a long way off but she's a very impressive person and would make an outstanding person if she chose to run. >> do you know where arwa is? >> i do. >> are you making any trips there? >> no. i'm making the trip to the super
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bowl. go, ravens. >> good luck to you. nice to see you. cbs sports reporter scott pelley has a live interview with president obama tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. eastern time 1:30 pacific during the super bowl today. on wall street the dow jones industrial average topped 14,000 yesterday thanks to strong job growth and positive numbers in housing and manufacturing. the dow added 149 points to close above 14,000 for the first time in more than five years. it has been a quick climb since 2009 when the dow fell to a 12-year low, 6,547. gas prices are also on the rise. the aaa nationalage is $3.46. that's a jump of 13 cents in a week. ben tracy takes a look at the
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spike and how it's spread. >> reporter: the price at the pump has risen 29 cents. the average price for regular is $3.92. >> we know there was a wholesale spike of about 50 cents last week, and so the market has to absorb that cost in some way. >> reporter: oil companies say it's a supply issue. some area refineries are shut down for maintenance, while others are switching from the winter blend of gasoline to the more expensive summer blend. it could affect the gass price spike by having gas in the reserves. >> it's been man in a littled by a handful of refiners who know if they make less gas lean they make more money. >> reporter: los angeles is known as a bellwether for gas prices because we're the first
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city to switch to summer gas. in other words high prices are coming to a pump near you. gas prices dropped significantly in 2012. that followed a record spike last october when stations were charged more than $5 per gallon. this time gas price are expected to pass more than $5 but not reach the record levels of last fauchlt for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. its is time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the new york claims that another testing is coming. a south cory ya military official says they have covered up the entrance. activity has increased in recent months. the washington poefts has said obama has relaxed the new requirement. the new rules give religious organizations wiggle room to get
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around the mandate. the roman clicks say it's another good enough. >> they posted solid fatal gapes in january. some reporting it. >> the san jose mercury news was attacked again by headquarterses, e-mail addresses and passwords of 250,000 users were compromised. they were sent out an e-mail to create a new password. the former first dog barney has died. president bush's dog has died. he died of lymphoma. he's 12 years old. >> i know. the former president put out a statement, sad that barney died. i met barney before. this is what's incredible. they released this painting --
8:23 am
he's been painting pictures of dogs. he signed it 43. he was the 43rd president. in talking to his family it's interesting that he took up painting. >> it's interesting that the dog is what laura bush has written a book about. >> laura bush yes. now we're going to get a check of your local weather. san francisco fans hope for a super bowl victory tomorrow but the city doesn't want a repeat of the violence after the world series. this morning we'll show you what's being done this time to keep everyone safe. and new orleans has dozens of places that tourists love. we'll show you some spots that
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the tradition dates back to the 1800s. you know what else dates back to the 1800s? cholera. i'm saying maybe it's time to move on. the punxsutawney predictions are only right about 39% of the time. you couldn't even get a job at the sigh kick's friends network. 39% ak vaccuracy? that's what i call groundhog 30
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wikipedia wikipedia. >> he hasn't arrived yet. >> still a bit of chill in the morning. >> there it is. all right. always a fun time of the year. we're all looking forward to an early spring. >> one of the great things about the coming of spring is the opportunity to see everything that grows and to have a little time outside and play a little golf. >> all right. welcome back everybody, to "cbs this morning" from super bowl park in jackson square in new orleans. and baltimore and san francisco are getting ready for victory celebrations in different ways. the mayor of baltimore is asking people to be respectful and courteous. >> but san francisco isn't banking on good will alone, especially theafter what happened the last time it hosted a championship team. >> reporter: as san francisco gets ready to root for the 49ers, the city is also remembering what happened after the giants won the world series
8:32 am
in october. the police thought small details make a big difference. >> somebody lost track of the fact it was garbage night. >> reporter: so tomorrow he'll make one run before the game and another after turning trash collectors into first responders. >> they call us like firefighters in a way. >> reporter: the city's emergency rooms already dealing with a flu outbreak have add doctors and nurses for crowds gone rowdy on game day. >> we all support our 49ers and we're thrilled they're in the super bowl. that's fabulous. couldn't have come at a worse time of the year. >> people do deserve to kind of unleash all of their celebratory mood. at the same time they've got to be respectful.
8:33 am
>> reporter: but this sports bar owner says the mayor's key to moderation has gone too far. >> the mayor says we should turn down the taps and serve something less than hard liquor. what do we serve? milk? i'm sure he's been paid by the milk board to say that. >> reporter: instead of beer comes in glasses will get it in a cup. it's like chute proofing. but nobody should toast the 49ers with milk. jock john black stone, cbs news. jeff glor's at the super dome with the story. jeff, good morning again. >> reporter: charlie, good morning once again to you. this is a kid not many know but by tomorrow evening everybody will know who he is as he
8:34 am
carries the game ball onto the field. as hunter runs around -- like 10-year-olds are supposed to you'd never guess what he's been to to. he was born with six congenital hart defects. his family's watched him endure four open heart surgeries. >> when you look at your brother and see what he's been through and where he is now, what do you think? >> one word phenomenal. >> that's one of the reasons he was picked to be this year's nfl super kid. it's also part of the reason he got this. a special clinic with colts quarterback andrew luck. >> he's got more energy than any kid i've ever had. >> reporter: it's called play 60s program which encourages kids to get an hour of exercise
8:35 am
every day. in hunter's case that means no contact sports. >> the only person i can play tackle with is my brother and a couple of his friends. they know not to tackling me really hard. >> reporter: but as you can see, it doesn't exclude much else. >> you totally burned him on that one. >> reporter: as this year's super kid he'll carry the ballore sunday's contest which means with luck already on his side he's about to inspire a few million more. just an amazing kid. interesting side note to this story as well. the notification that hunter might be picked actually wound up in his mother's spam folder and the family only checks three days before the deadline. but he got it. >> a great looking kid. amazing. >> who's hunter rooting for?
8:36 am
>> reporter: he's predicting a high-scoring game, he says and a ravens victory, though he has a little bit of rooting interest. he is from maryland. >> got you. he must be thrilled to be around a lot of his heroes and getting an opportunity too play some football but also to be there. >> reporter: listen. the game is here but it's just a game. and when you're here and you talk to kids like hunter it gives you chills. it was inspiring beyond words. >> nice to see you throwing the ball there, jeff. you've got a pretty good arm on you. >> reporter: i haven't had a chance to see the full piece. i hope i handled it reasonably well. >> you did. you did yourself proud. >> but not as good as his catches. >> good to sigh you. and now here's a check of the weather for your weekend.
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for high fever nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin. thursday saying a gay teammate would not be welcome in his team's locker room. jim axelrod is with us this
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morning. jim, good morning. >> good morning. good to be here. culliver's remarks may be a little surprised. not exactly known for being on the cutting edge of social change but that image is outdated. judgeing from the way it was handled this season. baltimore ravens linebacker and center have been teammates for the last four seasons. >> we're going to love each other and get the ring. >> reporter: off the field, that's a much different story. >> brendan and i couldn't did disagree more on that issue. >> reporter: that issue is same-sex marriage. both men are straight both have children. he supports the idea. >> now it's time for gay rights and we're going to get that idea. burke does not. >> i believe marriage should be
8:42 am
between one man and one woman. >> reporter: last fall when maryland had a gay referendum on the ballot both decided to speak out. >> i support marriage for gay and lesbian couples. >> reporter: they agree the way they disagree civilly and rationally, kept the issue from being divisive in the lomer room. >> i know people are surprised because we're football players that we can have a civilized discussion or civilized disagreement, but that's just the way it worked out. >> reporter: ian bedamage owe goes further that simply having the disagreement at all is change league-wise. is your generation as a football player different than the generation before when it comes to human rights? >> oh absolutely. the players of the nfl are a lot more united.
8:43 am
>> reporter: chris is married, has two kids and is the nfl's most outspoken proponent of same-sex marriage. >> i think it's the same we've had with all the civil rights struggle where one group is trying to tell another group how to live their life. >> reporter: has anybody come up to you and said why don't you keep your mouth shut. >> no. it's been very respectful. guys in the locker room know we're there to win football games. >> reporter: clooey's experience is welcome news to john emeigh chi. >> i think what we're seeing is a new stride of athletes. they're saying you know what? it's not enough to be neutral. at some point as a person of great power and influence, you either stand for equality or you don't. >> reporter: four years after retiring from professional
8:44 am
basketball emeigh chi became the first player to publicly come out. while the clueys and i owe bedash owes come out. >> i think a decade oeg there was serious rage. home oh phobia not so much. >> reporter: are we seeing the beginning of a new era where athletes will begin to be more vocal about social issues. >> i'd like to believe that it's true. the fact that his name is not drowned in a list of heroes shows that we aren't there yet because where are the rest of them? if you're interested in social justice, you can't pick and choose which parts of social justice interest you. >> reporter: he reports to past generations, muhammad ali, activists who took stands on
8:45 am
social issues. and he said we've been missing something. chains on the field speaking loudly about social fields off the issue. >> does the fact that they're talking leading to some kind of buildup of change? >> reporter: i think sports sometimes -- it always reflects the culture. sometimes it's leading elk, and sometimes it trails. in this case it's trailed in other areas, but there's no question it's such a different landscape in professional sports' locker rooms than it was. >> what's been the reaction of fans to see athletes talking about something other than the game and talking about social issues? >> it's been fascinating to see. we're talking to both brendan and matt burke. they said, by the way, can we talk about this after the week over? i don't think they would say they had a hard time from the fans. tlink's also an acceptance that athletes like everyone else have opinions and want to speak out. >> jim axle road thank you.
8:46 am
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there's much more to new orleans than the french quarter and po boichlt peter greenberg is going to take us off the beaten path to enjoy the city as the locals do. ♪ >> reporter: new orleans where the oldest and most culturally diverse cities in the nation a city so rich in history there are surprises around every turn. for most visitors the big easy means night life especially on
8:50 am
super bowl weekend or mardi gras. this is the first stop. after all it's what makes new orleans new orleans. take it from me it's going to be crazy and noisy and so crowded you won't be able to move. divert from bourbon street and head uptown which in new orleans means up river. that's where the locals head each tuesday night to enjoy some of the best home grown music the city has to offer. here at the maple leaf the rebirth grass band the first in its genre to win a grammy. they've been entertaining halloweenians s ian orleanians for almost 30 years. >> it's a new life. >> reporter: the band's founder says the music comes from the city itself. >> it covers the street the church, the heart.
8:51 am
>> delicious. >> reporter: for foodies, new orleans has something to satisfy every taste like the iconic muff le ta sandwich according to a recipe prepared by italian immigrants over a 00 gred years ago. many head to the grocery and go right down the street to another institution. >> they've been here more than 150 years. gievet to warn you, on any given way people will crowd in for fried powered sugar doughnuts. >> we mix all our own colors. everything is made from scratch. >> reporter: here at the cake cafe and bakery he's taken the traditional king cake to a whole new level using nontraditional ingredients like applend and goat cheese. they're topping with mardyi gras icing and a baby jesus.
8:52 am
whoever gets him becomes the king of mardi gras. >> it's so joyful and the year in new orleans really revolves around mardi gras. >> reporter: once you're done eating, mississippi river is the biggest tourist attraction around. you can take a cruise on a paddle boat or get out in the water on your own. you can take a two hour guided kayak tour right here in st. john's. the really cool thing is you're going through a historic neighborhood in new orleans. of course you have to go under the low bridges and don't forget to duck. the best part is the people. >> mardi gras, the food, the people, there's magic. it lives in the hearts of the people that are from here. >> reporter: as long as you always remember to travel to and through new orleans like a local
8:53 am
yourself. for "cbs this morning," peter greenberg, new orleans. >> well you knew peter greenberg was going to find a way to get to new orleans. >> indeed. >> you know what my favorite thing about new orleans has been one of my favorites, the bin yeah. >> i thought i heard you say you're not going to eat as many today as you did. >> i'm cutting down. four the first day, one yesterday. i think i'm done. i'm -- >> you know what's great about the city is how these people feel such pride for what is happening here. >> exactly. a renaissance, exactly. coming up the super dome and the city have come a long way since hurricane katrina. this morning we're going to go behind the scenes to show how this legendary stadium was actually rebuilt and we'll talk with patriots owner bob craft about winning the last super bowl held in new orleans. that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:54 am
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9:00 am
marching in." wynton mar sally takes us
9:01 am
inside. here's a look at your "eye opener." >> now they're really here. >> here in new orleans the big game is less than 36 hours away. >> one day away players will be on the field. fans will be in the stands. >> in alabama a 5-year-old boy has been held for more than 4 1/2 days. >> police are not talking about the nature of their communications with the suspect, jimmy lee dykes. >> the fact that it's been going on this long, even though it's been bad in me ways is good from a negotiator standpoint. >> for the first time in more than three de-cadese cade three decades, everyone is waking snup he did not see his shadow, so that means an early spring. >> it's the first stop. after all, it's what makes new orleans new orleans. take it from me. it's going to be crazy and so
9:02 am
crowded you won't move. >> he's well loved in new orleans for a good reason. he's such a good and decent person. >> ticket prices going from between $1,300 and $11,000. >> if you want a prime seat to the super bowl, turn on your television. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. some 75,000 cheering football fans will pack the super dome tomorrow for super bowl xlvii. more than seven years ago that stadium was a scene of misery. >> for one week in 2005 just after hurricane katrina thousands of victims took shelter inside. mark strassmann shows us how the super dome became a moment of triumph since the city's darkest hour. >> reporter: doug thornton's throwing a party here tomorrow for 75,000 people. >> those box trusses that you see up there contain intelligent
9:03 am
lighting that will be juiced for theatrical effect during the halftime show. >> reporter: thornton the super bowl's general imaginemanager will oversee super bowl xlvii but he saw only ruin here in 2005. you remember looking up and seeing holes in the sky through the roof. >> when i left here after katrina, i thought i was seeing the super dome for the last time. i did not think we'd be able to rebuild it and certainly i never thought we'd be hosting another super dome here. >> reporter: after the super dome it became a city of despair. for a week 20,000 lived here without power, watering and sanitation. it was almost worse than anybody know. >> we told our guys they can never paint this because because
9:04 am
this is a living history of what happened here on that night. >> reporter: these marking show the flood water rose within eight inches of shorting out the emergency jeb rater. >> our plan was if this water rose any more than four five inches in a half hour span, we'd want to go to a plan b and try to get people out of there. >> reporter: fast forward to almost eight years to the rebuilt, renamed mercedes-benz super dome. >> you can't drive anywhere without seeing it or come to any event without coming here. it was the first major project finished after katrina and after all the bag things that happened and what it symbolized it representatives everything good. >> reporter: it has a new roof a new exfear yore skin and thousands of new seats. >> the super bowl was so important to new orleans as we tried to rebuild the city. >> reporter: retired quarterback archie manning is the city's
9:05 am
favorite adopted son. he completed a pan in the super dome during an exhibition game and he said wree building this facility was important for many reasons. >> fans are going to come back here and the football team got better and the whole thing helped with everybody's emotional recovery as we tried to physically rebuild. >> seeing the dome rebuilt was reassured. >> absolutely. it was a huge part of it. >> reporter: new orleans and its super dome have billions.
9:06 am
they've won three of the super bowls. pleased to have you with us. >> anything i can do with you. charlie rose and company with these two lovely ladies that's my network. >> all right. >> you're a man who believes in friends. >> right. and you can't get enough good friends in this world. it's hard to find. when you get them cherish them. >> when you watch is it going to be hard watching knowing how close it was for the patriots? >> brutal. first time i came here to a super bowl was in 1985 when the patriots were in it. i didn't know the team and they got demolished by the bears. and we bought the team in '94. '96 we came and lost to green bay. then in '01 right after 9/11 we were privileged to be here and we won that game and it was -- you know we were red, white and blue. our name was the patriots. the mood of the country was such
9:07 am
that -- it was a special time. on the coldest day of the year a million people came to the streets in a city of 600,000. it speaks to what the nfl does to america. it brings communities together builds bridges and women, men, kids all rally around. and i think the nfl -- and les understood this when he paid us the big sum. more than 800,000 people won last year and it bricks families together and america together and may it continue. >> and is there something, bob, more special, too, about it being in new orleans. >> this is my first super bowl.
9:08 am
>> i think this is the greatest city to have super bowls. >> because? >> it's compact. you can walk around. it's a friendly city. you've got to southern hospitality and you feel connected. today life issing feeling connected. today we're all texting, tweeting, e-mailing, and we're not part of something bigger. whether you're running a company, a team a network a morning show -- i like watching your show since you guys have started this eye opener. >> you like the eye opener. >> i love it. i get to see it -- >> i love if thakt that you know it's called the "eye opener." >> i just switch over at 7:00 to see it and see what interests me. it's a brilliant concept. >> bob, you been a leader within the nfl and the owners. what do you think about -- there
9:09 am
seems to be soup much controversy this week whether it's talk about deer antler pray or hgh testing that goodell was talking about. where are we? >> that's a good question. when you're sitting strong and on top people want to take shots, and that's good and i think commissioner goodell is always is the shield how d we prtect the players. that's our feeder. i me my kids and grandkids play all the boys, at least, and it's something we have to be very mindful of. you know the individual reports i can't comment on because i don't know but in the end we
9:10 am
want to be competing on even sfleevl are you rooting for anyone? >> i'm rooting for ratings. >> on that note about this bridging people together on super bowl it's a wonderful view time on sunday. families and everybody. thank you for being here. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. i hope we see a lot of you in the future. >> thank you, bob. >> thanks bob. president obama is a big sports fan but his favorite team didn't make it into the super bowl this year. white house jay carney was asked about super bowl sunday. >> what are the president's plans for the super bowl? >> he will watch it with interest although his bears are not in it he looks forward to the game. you know there are some interesting dynamics there, brother versus brother. i think we all expect it to be highly entertaining. i don't know who he fabors, in fact in this particular matchup. i think, again, absent his beloved chicago bears, he
9:11 am
probably has an interest in a close and good football game. >> and before the game the president will speak live with scott pelley during the super bowl today here on cbs. new orleans is full of parting celebrities and fans but the one name that everyone is talking about is the star of that halftime show. that would be beyonce. kevin frazier is the co-host of "omg insider." good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the halftime show when you think about the lip-synching conference and her question, what do you think? >> it's been the per storm. beyonce has controlled it. they're all talking about her ever since she kind of sang at the inauguration. what she's done is she's assure thad there's a good chance that more people will watch her at halftime than the game. the numbers will most likely
9:12 am
spike and there's talk about whether destiny will be back. michelle williams is off this weekend. so expect that reunion. but all the speculation, everything. she's done a masterful job of driving attention. there's no mistake. i don't think this was a mistake. this is perfection. >> kevin, i was talking with someone who actually watched the rehearsal yesterday and i was trying to plug that person for information and they wouldn't tell me a thing but i was asking if whether perhaps jay-z may join her on stage. is there a rumor that that may happen? >> there's a question she would do the song "crazy in love" in which she collaborated with her husband. it makes sense. keep it all in if family. remember destiny's child has a new album coming out. this is a perfect time for everybody to come out on stage and sell sell, sell because at
9:13 am
the end of the day that's what this is about. >> is there anything necessary for beyonce's career to go any further. it seems she's got everything she possibly could have going for you. >> i mentioned that last year. madonna. it spiked during her performance, the viewership. the most watched event in television history was her halftime show. so now beyonce comes out. it's like 12 minutes of commercial time. keep in mind $3.5 million. now you get 12 minutes to promote what do you. what happens is we hear the music, hear the songs and all of a sudden there's a spike and people going right to the digital uploads. >> and there's going to be quickly an emotional moment which is students from newtown connecticut, are going to be singing. >> it will be amazing in the pregame show when the kids from newtown join jennifer hudson to sing "america the beautiful." if you want to talk about there are those moments that capture our hearts and everyone is
9:14 am
silent and you look at the television and you just become quiet and one with everybody and there's this one moment where it's america that will be an america moment. >> it's going to be a very special show. thank you, kevin. >> no, it's going to be something else. >> good to see you. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend. it's the song that always brings people back to the big easy. wynton marsalis is here. there he is in super bowl park to show us why the saints will always go marching in. go, wynton. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." right here at table 19 a secret crush
9:15 am
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9:18 am
it is a song we all know "when the saints go marching in," but down here it's more than june a tune. jazz musician and cultural continue wynton marsalis takes a look at new orleans' adopted anthem. >> here we go. >> reporter: we play this song as if it is our birth right. ♪ >> reporter: o when the saints. the unofficial/official anthem of new orleans, louisiana, the crescent city the first place of jazz in a city famous for
9:19 am
sinners but legendary for saints, where cathedrals and cat houses sit right on top of each other. it's appropriate that this song represents us to the rest of the world. >> it's been around longer than i've been living. it's one of those thinged connected with new orleans. it's part of the core and fabric of what we do here. >> reporter: every new orleans musician like bones shorty has grown up playing this song. melody and baseline. you don't even remember learning it. it's just always been there. with a message of revelation and redemption redemption, the saints has resonated and a protestant hymn. >> ladies and gentlemen, here's one you can all sing along with us. >> reporter: then louis armstrong got ahold with it. it transformed from a sunday
9:20 am
school spiritual into a timeless american work of art. >> i think that's when it became a jazz standard when it became part of the canon. >> reporter: bruce rayburn is one of the most respected jazz artists in america. what is it about this one song that makes it so popular? >> i think it's the melody line and i think it's the beat we put on it and i think it's the call. >> reporter: often the highlight of any jazz band fits. the saints is now synonymous with our city. in the french quarters preservation hall it's so synonymous, it's going to call you. i notice the sign. the requested edtraditional request is $5
9:21 am
but the saints is $25. >> i think because they're so sick of playing it. john joseph played "the saints "and he turned to his bandmates and said that about took everything out of me and he passed away on the spot. so, you know there's some combat pay involved in doing "the saints" as a request. >> reporter: like new orleans, the city's anthem has its own superstition and tradition. the chorus speaks of redemption and salvation. those hopeful words unite our french catholic soul. in the end, all of life boils down to earning a spot in the parade behind the saints as they pass through the pearly gates. it helps to shine light on dark times of which we've had many. ♪ when the saints go marching
9:22 am
in ♪ >> reporter: it defines the unshakeable spirit of this town and the unbreakable spirit of its beloved saints. who dat. who dat say they going to beat the saints? win or lose the saints always endure and with that song as their official tune the fans dance with unbridled joy regardless of circumstance. ♪ >> reporter: from uptown to the ninth ward, the sound of the saints fill our neighborhoods. ♪ >> reporter: and take us to a much higher play. ander of the err artist has his or her own approach, the roots are just too fundamental to change. ♪ o when the saints go marching in sing it again ♪ >> to me the greatest strength in new orleans is they recognize the importance of that tradition. ♪ when the saints the saints
9:23 am
the saints go marching in ♪ >> it doesn't mean you can't in oh vai vait but it means you respect the past. you take it seriously ♪ o, yeah when the saints go marching in ♪ >> reporter: the saints is a new orleans tradition that has swept them of music and as long as there is a city of new orleans, people will want to be in that number "o when the saints go marching in." >> that was it. that was the one. >> whoo-hoo. >> that was the one. >> we love your city. we want you to know that. and in your pantheon of roads where does louie armstrong stand? >> hi's up there. we have a lot of giants from new orleans. >> including our own cultural correspondent mr. wynton marsalis. >> i don't know about that.
9:24 am
our style of music is joyous. >> thank you, my friend. he's a poet and he's been called poet in motion arian fosser. he's here at super bowl park on "cbs this morning." er. he's here at super bowl park on "cbs this morning." er. he's here at super bowl park on "cbs this morning." ser. he's here at super bowl park on "cbs this morning." e.ter. he's here at super bowl park on "cbs this morning." you can a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air®. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away.
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>> welcome back to cbs this morning from super bowl park. coming up in this half hour we found one way that baltimore has a leg up on the 49ers what gives the ravens a one of a kind cheerleading squad. >> late late show host craig ferguson is here with a preview of his super bowl special. a lot of big names are stopping by to see craig tomorrow night. >> right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from all super bowl cities. you already know this the first
9:31 am
time they are being coached by brothers but the baltimore sun says it gets more complicated. did you know that son of 49ers coach jim harbaugh is an intern for his uncle john who is head coach of the ravens. jay harbaugh says he is pulling for the ravens all the way. >> the san francisco examiner says there is some super bowl wagering at city hall. this year san francisco mayor lee against baltimore mayor, stephanie raw lings blake. they will take part in a day of service and visit a local crab market wearing the other team's jersey. >> on the super bowl marriage they met 12 years ago at the and they dated ever since. the two ravens fans promise to get married if their team made it back into the super bowl. well today the couple plans to tie the knot right here in new orleans and yes, the bride will
9:32 am
wear purple and yes, i'll bet there will be a party. >> and four years foster has gone from an undrafted free agent to one of the premier running backs in the nfl. his team did not make it to the super bowl so this year he is the league spokesperson for the celebrity beach bowl. welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me what you'll look for as you watch the super bowl. >> i'm looking for a good game. two very good teams playing, two good coaches and i'm looking forward to the game and i want to see ray lewis one more year and pro claim his legacy. >> i'm experienced new orleans and woke up a little sick so. >> it was initially reported that you would undergo heart
9:33 am
surgery in the off season and you said yesterday or a couple of days ago that's not true. how is your health. >> i'm fine. i never felt better. it was a false report and, you know like nothing is going to happen. >> take a little water if you need it. >> i'm good. i'm good. i woke up a little sick. >> you've been called the most interesting player in the league. they say you are a philosopher and you do yoga and meditate and think outside the box. how would you describe yourself? >> i'm just -- i would call myself interested. >> interested? >> yeah. i like learning about different cultures. different people i feel like we're all here just being the best as possible. and excuse my voice. >> that's okay. >> i feel like we're all one in the same. and all trying to figure this thing out together. that's the best i can do.
9:34 am
>> as a former philosophy major myself we got something in common but you're also one of the best in the nfl. when you watch a game like on sunday, are you itching to get in? what are you doing? >> mad. people very close to the team this year but the things you go through and you know hopefully to right the ship. right now you don't like to see the other side of the coin. >> so interesting. >> is this super bowl going to be a passing game? >> i don't think so. >> really? >> running may make the difference? >> you bet. kaepernick, likes to run the ball. >> i think you need to go home and get ricola. >> killing me right now. >> thank you so much for coming.
9:35 am
>> nice to meet you in person. >> now we've got a look at the weather for your weekend. when you're watching the big you're watching the big game tomorrow, a lot of people probably don't need this message. but take a good look at the cheerleaders, we'll show you why the ravens squad has women and men rooting for the time. [ female announcer ] when a woman wears a pad she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away.
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9:39 am
breaking down barriers. >> reporter: ray lewis, 13-time pro linebacker is retiring. he's not the only member of the ravens calling it quits. after tomorrow -- >> i announced my retirement first. >> do you think ray was thinking about you when he announced his? >> i think he stole my spotlight. >> reporter: tony martin is leaving too. he's a cheerleader. >> i ran out of the tunnel but i didn't get any applause. >> reporter: he was a cheer lieder in high school and cherred in college at west virginia. for the last six years he's been part of the co-ed cheerleading team for the nfl. >> no other guys have this opportunity. there are no other 30-something-year-old cheerleaders. >> in any other city we wouldn't be cheerleading. we'd be tailgating. >> reporter: those the ravens have your traditional sideline
9:40 am
dancers having men on the squad mean the men go beyond pom-poms. there's is a full-blown sum team. they throw the women 20 feet in the air. it's exciting and dangerous. >> i had bacary broke my nose seven times? >> reporter: seven times? >> it made it more straight. but five or six times. >> i broke my afrmt broekt both of my feet at the same time, two cast. >> reporter: sounds like there's more injuries among you than the football players. >> they're not wearing pads. when they hit the ground, it's our job to make sure they hit us, not the ground. if she breaks us we can get fixed. >> reporter: they say they do it for your the love of it. >> i moved from west virginia to do this and made the team and eight years later here i am still, grown roots here kind of got a job here i'm getting married here. this is my life now and this smie family.
9:41 am
>> reporter: martin who turned 32 on wednesday says he reese tiring because of the demands of his full-time job in public relations and the toll on his body from being at the bottom of all those stunts, but at least he's going out in style. >> there's a stereotype that being a male cheerleader is immass cue lating but i'm hanging out with super hot girls and i'm going to the super bowl. >> reporter: it doesn't get much better than that. >> no, it doesn't. >> it takes talent. >> you know what was so great about this piece? i was on the elevator with steve, one of the producers who worked on it. he went on and on about the women. i don't know his last name. he didn't say anything about the men. he said, oh the women were so great, they were gorgeous. i didn't know there were men. >> incredible athletes and they certainly do a lot of that at great risk. >> indeed. it adds to the game.
9:42 am
>> absolutely. >> they always do. tomorrow night is a big one for craig ferguson. you know craig. he's here to talk about his super bowl special. there he is. getting ready for centimeter. he looks cold too, right, craig?
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
it's super bowl weekend. oh my god. yeah. we're going to be -- we're going to be in new orleans on sunday. we get to watch the game from the cbs suite. i'm -- well the suite, you know. i've got my space. i'm wedged between the kid from ""two and a half men"" and drew carey's old back fat. that's right. drew carey's cast off fat gets a better seat than i do.
9:46 am
>> that, of course, is craig ferguson. he's in his ninth season hosting "the late late show." this is called fittingly -- the "craig ferguson super bowl special." what went into the thinking of the tighting craig, "craig ferguson super bowl special?" >> i don't know. when that little teaser came up kregg ferguson and you had me stand over there, i want people to know i don't hang out in the park all night. i'll wait in the park in case someone comes along. >> were you thinking you looked a little unsavory? >> at this time no. they have people here that do unsavory very well. you know you guys do this show
9:47 am
early in the morning so you probably haven't been out late at night. >> don't count on it. >> really? you look great then. >> we have a clip from sunday's special where you're doing your best to catch a pass from drew brees. so let's take a look. >> all right. you ready? drum roll. drum roll. >> here we go. >> wow! >> this isn't live, is it? >> that history my breast. >> you didn't see it coming. >> i guess growing up in scotland you don't get much practice. >> yeah, we don't play that game often and to wear the mask that distracted me. >> has nothing to do with your skill level. he threw it right in my face. and drew brees is wearing a very remarkable mask. if he wore it on the field, he's strike opponents. >> but hem mets shelmets are important
9:48 am
for safety safety. >> are you having a good time in new orleans? >> i think so. >> you think so. >> i think i'll have a debriefing when i get bam home. >> is this your first time in new orleans? >> i was here a long time just for a day to shoot a cameo in a c cbs movie where i was killed by vampire bats. it was the worst movie cbs ever made only because i was in it. this is amazing. it's fantastic. you know they used to have executions in this park. >> and there will be one later today. >> they can use me. that's why i hang around the park. >> speaking of hanging and necks, you ate some turkey
9:49 am
necks, right? >> yeah. have you tried that? >> no. >> it's in bullion base. i never did that. >> why did you do that? just to try something different? >> yeah. i really like eating the necks. i prefer it. i travel around the world, what birds do you eat the neck of? >> it's a tender spot. >> yeah, it's a tender spot and a local thing. i tried alligator. have you tried alligator? >> yeah. >> you don't need to try it. >> you've taken great pride in loving america. >> yes i have. >> have you learned to love football? >> yeah. i watch football. the thing is i don't have a team. if you grow up without having a team it's difficult to manufacture a fan of allegiance. in order to artificially create
9:50 am
a fan of ee lee jans i placed money only in states where that's legal. >> thank you craig.e you here. you can see craig's super bowl special. it's called "the craig ferguson super bowl special" at 10:30 central right here on cbs. >> we'll revisit the busy week when we come back here on "cbs this morning." [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple. becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina
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announcer: sherlock holmes and watson are a new team worth rooting for. i'm smarter than everyone i meet. it's a fact. announcer: a new... the sounds of the sounds of wynton marsalis marsalis. that's ats noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific and later super bowl xlvii between the san francisco 49ers and baltimore
9:54 am
ravens and you can see it only on cbs. that does it for us as we leave you, let's look back at the week that was. it's been a great week here. we'll see you monday here on "cbs this morning." have a great weekend. >> take it easy. >> who would you say are the customers that like -- >> commercials are all about what it is come sunday. >> it's a small film. >> don't you worry about what it is, you just drink it. >> i'm a super bowl virgin never been to one before. >> i'm one too. >> you too? >> yeah. >> i've been before. >> you're announcing new breeds. >> two new breeds. >> i like change when you're a champion. is it like an oscar winner when the scripts start pouring in. >> stocks nearing the 14,000 mark. >> the real problem ultimately is a political problem.
9:55 am
>> insidious type that we've never seen before. >> it is a missed opportunity. >> i think his nomination maybe in trouble. >> 88 years old, charlie, you knew him well? >> i did. a true new yorker. >> it was almost like if you took an aluminum baseball bat and hit a metal pole with it. >> for the saints, 12 operated on. >> greatest pains are instilled by -- >> you got moves. did you know how to dance before? >> i did. >> i'm in new york until friday. >> i'm leaving for the super bowl today. >> welcome to cbs this morning, we're in super bowl park at jackson square in new orleans. >> i feel the need, the need for speed! >> mardi gras season super gras carnival the whole season starts on january 6th.
9:56 am
>> basically should starve yourself for several days before you come down here and eat. >> where were you when you found out the 49ers were going to the super bowl? >> who dat. >> no longer feel the need for speed. >> wow. >> up so early, that's the problem. >> okay no no! >> one brother will have the pr the hardest of his life. >> start this day with enthusiasm unknown to man kind. >> yes. that's how we start a show. >> what do you say to the quarterback? >> talk yourself into not being nervous or get hit early. >> got to be patient. can't win the game on the first play. >> right before we go on air, he's laughing hard. >> who's your favorite? >> all of that -- >> cbs this morning has had a phenomenal run. >> i'm surprised you know it's called the eye opener.
9:57 am
>> over at 7:00 to see it and see what interests me.
9:58 am
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